Publications – By through europe

 November 2013
* Federico Campagna, The Holy Southern Empire: a proposal for Souther European anarcho-papism 
* Toby Austin Locke, Fragments on the Zombie Myth: the mortification of general intellect and teh half-life of the cognitariat
* Paolo Mossetti, The Sadness of ‘I Quit’ Videos
* Franco Berardi Bifo, Journey to Seoul (1)
* Franco Berardi Bifo, Journey to Seoul (2)
* Nathan Witt, Zakira/Memory

July 2013

TODAY / issue 6

* Paolo Mossetti, Confessions of a Troll
* Federico Campagna, Teenage Philosophy
* Franco Berardi Bifo, Esorcismi Satanici all’Apparir del Vero
* Robert Prouse, Oysters!
* Nathan Witt, Abandoning Nationality and Superstition
* Rebecca LaMarre, Against the Gift of Interpretation
November 2012
TODAY / issue 5
*Robert Prouse, The Worst Thing Since Sliced Bread
*Lucy Mercer, Gotta Catch ʻEm All: navigating the Pokemon environment
*Federico Campagna, Hiding From the Gods: on emancipation and the public
*Paolo Mossetti, Suicidio e Lotta
*Rebecca LaMarre, Act Quickly, Make Your God Happy
Anna Galkina, 2014

August 2012
TODAY / issue 4

* Franco Berardi Bifo, Reassessing Recomposition: 40 years after the publication of Anti-Oedipus
* Paolo Mossetti, Piccolo Saggio sulla Diserzione
* Federico Campagna, Discipline: on writing and collectivity
* Aaron Peters, Olympic Britishness and the Crisis of Identity
* Sabu Kohso, Turbulence of Radiation and Revolution
* Stefano Dorigo, Il Foglio di Via dello Scrittore NO TAV
February 2012
TODAY / issue 3
*Federico Campagna, The Winter War
*Aaron Peters, Flee the State, Donʼt Seize It!
*Franco Berardi Bifo, The Right to Insolvency and the Disentanglement of the General Intellectʼs Potency
*Amador Fernandez Savater, El Gobierno de Nadie
*Paolo Mossetti, Costringerci al Nomadismo
*Robert Prouse, The State of Connotation
November 2011
TODAY / issue 2
*Tragicoptimist, Do Do Not
*Francesca Martinez Tagliavia, Poème de l’Occupation Infinie
*Federico Campagna, I am not the 99%
*Franco Berardi Bifo, Mantra del Sollevarsi
*Paolo Mossetti, Los Indignados en la Cueva de Platón
*Aaron Peters, Reproduction of Movement(s) Without Organisation
August 2011
TODAY / issue 1
*Franco Berardi Bifo, Towards the European Insurrection
*Federico Campagna, Steps to a Mystique of the Economy
*Robert Prouse, Proposal for a Landscape Architecture in Advance of the Disintegration of Human Civilization
*Adelita Husni-Bey, Archetype I: Prototypes for a Post-Apocalyptic City
*John Barker, Intensities of Labour: from Amphetamine to Cocaine

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